This is a list of all writing workshops offered by the Student Learning Commons.

This is a list of all writing workshops offered by the Student Learning Commons.

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All SLC Writing Workshops are recognized regarding the Co-Curricular Record (CCR), the state University document that tracks students’ co-curricular involvement at SFU. Learn more about the Co-Curricular Record.

Our most popular workshops (predicated on recent attendance and faculty requests for course integrated workshops) are indicated with an asterisk.

Note : Are you a program or professor leader interested in requesting a writing workshop for your course or group? Fill out our survey to position your request. With sufficient notice, it is possible to request some of the workshops below or a mix of topics customized to fulfill your students’ needs.

Academic Writing Refresher
This workshop offers a quick overview of strategies and skills for successful writing, with returning/ transfer/ mature students in your mind.

  • Gain an awareness of strategies and skills that support successful academic writing;
  • Be encouraged to make inquiries to demystify expectations around academic writing;
  • Reconnect with writing best practices;
  • Learn where to find support through the writing process.

Academic Writing Q&A. or Top items to Know About Academic Writing
This 50-minute session reviews the most truly effective 5 things most useful to learn about academic writing. The remainder session is specialized in answering your burning questions (no matter how basic or complex) about academic writing and writing within the disciplines. You’ll take away some answers, including where to find more help when you need it!

  • Learn about the qualities unique to writing that is academic a genre;
  • Are able to dispel some misunderstandings about academic writing;
  • Feel more confident about what writing that is academic and what it isn’t;
  • Know locations to find more help when it is needed by you.

Analyze This! From Summary to Critical Writing*
are you asked to write a analysis that is critical are not sure how to approach it? Each discipline has its own requirements, however some common strategies can help. This workshop begins with a refresher about effective reading and summarizing, then demonstrates how to employ questions that are critical help you transition from summary to analysis.

  • Gain an awareness of common techniques for approaching critical analysis which are transferable across disciplines;
  • Learn how to differentiate between summarizing, paraphrasing, and analysis that is critical comprehend the value of each in academic writing;
  • Know how critical questions can be employed to transition from summary to analysis. (suite…)

How to create Gun Control Essay: From Composing Suggestions To Examples

How to create Gun Control Essay: From Composing Suggestions To Examples

Residing in realm of constant disputes, governmental turbulence, and doubt, hands limitation problem continues to be most debatable also controversial subject. Understanding how to create a gun control essay becomes quite difficult in both ful situations – either pro or against it. Firstly, you need to explain point that is one’s utilize arguments. Next, while composing research, it is crucial to evaluate other views. Finally, pupil should select topic that could provide solutions and become persuasive adequate to engage or motivate market.

Learning a huge selection of essays as well as research documents from our top essay authors in Psychology, Sociology, Political Science, Education, Healthcare, and Law, we arrived up with this specific gun control essay guide that is writing. Studying each part will learn to compose introduction for essay, exactly just what needs to be included, and discover actual exemplory case of initial article, penned by our essay writer that is best.

Ways to Select Good Gun Control Topic

Before composing ideas, arguments, or some ideas down, choose good subject which will make market involved as well as your place clear. So that you can have good begin and compose most useful essay, start with the annotated following:

  • Constantly focus on research on subject of essay on gun control before you take edges. Study regarding the current rules, check assumptions or philosophy by embracing dependable sources that are academic.
  • Pick side that is clear will be PRO or AGAINST stricter gun laws and regulations. (suite…)