how to make a website

What is a website page?

A web page is held in an unique type of documents, named a « html file ». html data could be generated in virtually any sort of system that can be utilized to revise data set. There are likewise some plans that help you create html data. The benefit withthese courses is actually that the plans are actually usually user-friendly. The disadvantage is actually that they doesn’t always generate correct html data. Our experts highly recommend making web pages by using an usual text editor, like vi , pico , Note Pad in Microsoft window 95, or such.

A html file consists of « control codes » that decides how to make a website the web page will definitely appear when viewed along witha web internet browser. These management codes are actually gotten in touchwith »html tags ». You don’t have to find out more than 10 tags to be able to produce an easy web page.

Publishing a web page on your ACC account

If you rest in your home and also develop a website page, or even are actually utilizing a Net connected, non-ACC, computer system, you need to publishthe file consisting of the website to your ACC profile. This is actually performed utilizing ( Currently simply in Swedish).

The best method to make websites is to visit on your ACC profile and generate the pages withsome of the publishers on the unit. After that you do not need to mess withSFTP.

When you have produced a web page as well as intend to post it, you must put the file( s) including your website on a special place. This exclusive place is the directory ~/ public_html on your ACC account (the «  ~  » character suggests « house listing »). The directory site ~/ public_html is actually produced withthe demand
mkdir ~/ public_html Just about anything that you put in this directory site will certainly be publicly accessible at http://

To allow the internet hosting server to send your websites to individuals that wishto check out it, you need to make the directory site social readble. This is performed making use of the command below:
chmod 755 ~/ public_html

The data whichcontains your home page need to have an exclusive name, index. html , to make sure that the web server knows what website to present if you have lots of documents including websites. The documents, like the directory site, need to be actually social understandable, and also data are actually made public understandable making use of the task force
chmod 644 filename
where filename is actually substituted withthe label of the documents that you intend to make public understandable.

If you experience unsure abou this, you may regularly make use of the order « fixchmod « , that instantly specifies the get access to authorizations to the correct values. During that technique you do not need to use the chmod – commando. Merely create fixchmod and it will definitely deal withthe remainder.

Bigger or even advanced pages

If your web page acquires large, you ought to split it into many muchsmaller pages. This is actually carried out by simply producing numerous different html reports consisting of the various web pages. The data including the major webpage should still possess the name index. html , and from it you will definitely connect to the other data. Make sure you call the reports in a brilliant fashion, providing titles like about _ me.html , links. html etc.

You may additionally structure your webpages by putting them in various listings depending on what relevant information is actually had in the various pages. As an example, you can place all your link pages in the listing ~/ public_html/ links/ and your Spice-Girls-pages in the directory ~/ public_html/ spicegirls/ and so forth… The principal hyperlink webpage ought to at that point be placed in the data index. html in the link-directory, to ensure that the web server may discover it. A webpage including web links to your all your good friends homepages could be phoned friends. html and be positioned in the link-directory. And more …

cgi- scripts

If you have a cgi-script that you would like to be managed time, for instance to take care of a visitor manual or even consider the lot of visits to your web page, that manuscript has to be actually placed in the directory ~/ public_html or even a subdirectory to ~/ public_html cgi-scripts have to be executable, and also are readied to be actually thus throughproviding the command
chmod 755 scriptname
where scriptname is actually replaced along withthe name of the having the cgi-script.
The demand fixchmod will perform this instantly, if you assume it seems to be to made complex to utilize chmod – task force.

Now, how can you make a cgi script run every time an individual considers a page? It’s truly rather easy. Merely put the following line someplace in your html report: