Comedian Seth Rogen launches cannabis business

Comedian Seth Rogen launches cannabis business

Seth Rogen during the 2017 north park Comic-Con Global in north park, CA. Photo by Gage Skidmore and certified under Creative Commons

Seth Rogen could be the celebrity that is latest to get involved with the cannabis industry with his very own weed business. Rogen is partnering with film producer and screenwriter Evan Golberg because of this weed business called Houseplant.

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The duo, who both result from Vancouver, have collaborated in movies including Sausage Party, Pineapple Express, and Superbad. Now, they’ve diversified their business interests and have launched Houseplant, a ongoing business that may supply cannabis within Canada.

Relating to Rogen, Houseplant is just a passion they have taken to life through commitment. He said that each choice they usually have made business-wise reflects the full several years of training about, respect for, and first-hand experience with cannabis.

The product that is first the brand is known as Houseplant Sativa and it is for sale in British Columbia plus in the surrounding areas through regulated merchants, along with online. (suite…)